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Appliance repair service in Atlanta & greater Atlanta GA area

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We provide high quality appliance repair service

ServiTechPRO is the area's largest installer and service center provider of home appliances

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Service available on all major brands and a wide variety of appliance types

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Our professional team is full of certified technicians

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Servitech Pro - Appliance Repair Service in Atlanta & Greater Atlanta GA Area

Service available on all major brands and a wide variety of appliance types.

ServiTechPRO is the area's largest installer and service center provider of home appliances. Whether you need servicing for a stove, dishwasher, cook top, oven, refrigerator washer or dryer we should be your first stop for professional service.

ServiTechPRO is a family owned and operated business that has over 20 years of factory trained experience servicing all major brands of home appliances. We specialize in all kitchen and laundry appliances as well as refrigeration and under counter ice makers. We are familiar with all the latest high tech appliances by constantly attending factory technical training seminars for all the latest appliance products and equipment.

ServiTechPRO stocks many parts for all your appliances. Our goal is to repair every appliance upon on our first visit to save you both time and money. Our technicians are very clean, extremely courteous and efficient. When your refrigerator, stove, range, dishwasher, microwave, washer, dryer or air conditioner brakes down or doesn't operate properly, do not throw that valuable appliance away, just pick up the phone and call ServiTechPRO today at: 973.979.1946 We will bring them back to life at a fraction of the cost of a new unit!

#1 appliance repair shop in Atlanta & Greater Atlanta GA Area

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Appliance repair

Our team of certified appliance technicians is versatile and is used to performing work on any brands for any appliance type.

Appliance Parts Department

Do you need accessories, parts or cleaning supplies for your dishwasher, BBQ or ceramic cook top? For your convenience, we now have a Parts Department.

Appliance Repair Service Area

We provide prompt and professional appliance repair service in your local area. You're in good hands with our appliance repair specialist.


When you work hard to deliver quality appliance repair service, it's wonderful to be recognized both locally and, if you’re lucky, beyond.


Because we provide you with top-of-the-line appliance repair service and our technicians are certified, we can ensure you the quality of their work.


Our team is fully certified in order to deliver top quality appliance repair service as the industry and your needs evolve.

Appliance Maintenance Tips

We offers you all kinds of tips, tricks and answers in order to help you take even better care of your appliances.

  • "Its not always just about having your appliance repaired when you have a problem. Sometimes its also about understanding the issues."

    Appliance FAQ

  • "Refrigerators require condenser coils to be periodically cleaned."

    Refrigerators Tips

  • "Dishwashers tend to be one of the higher maintenance major appliance in today's high tech."

    Dishwashers Tips

  • "Your freezer has numerous essential functions, so keeping it at peak performance is important."

    Freezers Tips

  • "Sometimes repairing or replacing an appliance is a matter of semantics."

    Fix or Nix

  • "As appliance repair specialists, one of the most common questions we get asked is “do I really need a repair technician”?"

    Appliance Maintenance

Appliance Types and Brands

High Quality Appliance Repair in Atlanta & greater Atlanta GA area

With passion, conviction and integrity, our mission is to deliver top quality service whenever we make an appliance repair service call. We strive to make sure that every customer is happy and that they want to tell their network about our services.

Our Most Popular Brands

Our team of certified technicians is versatile and is used to performing work on any brands for any appliance type.

  • Electrolux 90%
  • Frigidaire 60%
  • Whirlpool 70%
  • General Electric 70%
  • Bosch 40%
  • KitchenAid 60%

Our team

We say it every day: “Our company is our technicians.” That’s why the members of our team are chosen for their experience, training, courtesy and efficiency.

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Our customers recommend us for our promptness, professionalism and expertise. Book an appointment now for any appliance repair service.

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A low price guarantee to ensure that you get the best possible price on your appliance repair.

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  • Appliance Repair Service

    75 $ Service Call

    • These service calls are an insignificant investment compared to the potential cost of replacing your appliance. We offer you the best quality service at the best price.

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  • Special Offer

    0 $ FREE Dryer Inspection

    • Dryers are diagnosed for FREE with every service call.
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  • High-end appliance Check

    129 $ Maintenance Check

    • Take advantage of our special rate for a maintenance check of your high-end appliance.
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Check our latest news, tips, promotions and more.


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Choosing Between a Top-loading and a Front-loading Washing Machine

If you are in the market for a new washer, you may be hesitating between purchasing a front-loading and a top-loading machine, as both types can be a better choice depending on your situation and personal needs. ServitechPro has prepared the following... read more


Whirlpool Dryer Common Problems

You can count on Whirlpool for your washer and dryer. Whirlpool appliances are usually reliable and can be depended on. Even so, even the best appliances will realistically encounter some issues at one point. You may even need to retain the services of an appliance... read more


Troubleshooting Your Wine Cooler

A nice wine cooler can be a very appealing element in your kitchen. It also allows you to store your bottles of wine at the perfect temperature. When you have guests over, you can provide them with good wine directly from your storage unit. However, when problems arise, there is... read more

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Contact Us for any appliance repair service in Atlanta & Greater Atlanta GA Area. Thank you from us @ ServiTechPRO for all your appliance needs!